my 1st photo to ever win…

bourbon st, new orleans

bourbon st, new orleans

this is my first photo to win a contest. it garnered 2nd in its category (City) at the 2011 Du Quoin State Fair. It won an awesome amount of $5.00.

This photo is taken at night along Bourbon St. in New Orleans, LA on our trip sometime in November of 2010.  This is in the historic French Quarter of the city.  It is the famous street where the annual Mardi Gras parade is held.

This area is simply amazing. Architecture is a blend of old French and some slightly modified structures.  The atmosphere is always festive and is always crowded with tourists.  The street alone features a lot of restaurants, bars, shops, and adult entertainment all in one small area.  And the people strolling the streets are a mix of family of all ages enjoying and friends having fun.  People  of different interests can pick where they want to go and just ignore the shops that they’re not supposed to go.

Simply amazing experience. A completely different culture.  A completely different America.


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