niludhan falls

Niludhan Falls… located at Sitio Niludhan, Dawis Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, Philippines.

niludhan falls

admiring niludhan falls

How to get there:

To get to the falls, you can ride the Ceres bus from Bayawan or Mabinay. In our case, we rode the one from Bayawan headed for Mabinay.

It is ideal to leave the morning trip and arrive there about 9am in the morning. The same bus will return to where you have been dropped at around 11am. There is a 3pm trip back, but it was not recommended due to dangers in case the bus breaks down along way. You can ask the bus driver to honk for you as they are coming to your spot so you will have time to hike back by the side of the road.

The falls is basically located very close to the road. About 2-5 minutes walk from where the bus will drop you. The entrance fee is PHP5 per person. When we got there, it was like a paradise and we were the only ones enjoying the place. It was a nice moment.

about the road conditions; it is rough for about half of the way. I don’t believe a car could survive the trip. a pickup truck would surely make it, and so does any offroad motorcycles. But to leave the driving to someone else and just enjoy the trip, the Ceres bus is the way to go.

Have fun and enjoy.

Here is the link to my second post of niludhan falls (more pics).

here’s a link to the Facebook post.

Thanks for viewing.


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