a traditional game we call “taksi”

This is one of our traditional games in the Philippines we play when we were kids during school breaks and any chance we could gather around and play.

This is played usually by at least two players, each contributing equal amount of coins. The coins are placed in the middle of the square drawn on the ground. the goal is whoever can knock the coin/s out of the square wins that coin/s, until all the coins are out of the square. Another coin (agreed by both parties) will be used by each player to knock out the other coins.

I spotted these kids playing at the park close to the school during their lunch break. You can see the smiles in their faces, when they are having fun.

The downside of this game, is that it is using real money (thus kind of a gambling game), and parents do not usually approve of such.

One of the players trying to knock the coins from the starting line.

Together with all their friends and spectators enjoying the game and each supporting their player.


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