transportation: Motorcab (pedicab)


This mode of transportation is very common among the towns outside the cities in the Philippines.  In fact, I rode in this everyday for 4 years during high school.  We have contracted with a favorite cab and driver who will pick us up and wait for us outside the school after classes are over.  This was our “school bus”.

This is locally known as pedicab, but it actually is a motorcab.  it can accommodate as many as it can carry depending on the passenger’s willingness to risk riding outside if the cab is full.  It is a multi purpose cab, that it can carry passengers and/or cargo, from wood, furniture, produce, livestock, anything and everything.  The seats can be removed if needed to load large cargo.

I have ridden almost all possible spots, top, side facing forward, side facing backwards, behind it, front of it.  And this picture I saw coming back, is a flashback of what I used to do.  It looks kind of dangerous now, but before, it was more fun.

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2 thoughts on “transportation: Motorcab (pedicab)

    • yes, it looks like it, but it’s not really since it doesn’t travel really fast, especially if it is in full capacity. the motorcycles used are usually 100-125cc and I would think, in those cases, they rarely run beyond 60km/hr. (That is from my experience riding it.)

      Thank you for liking it.

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