drying fish

These were shot one early morning during a stroll along the boulevard in Bayawan City. December 2011.

Drying fish is a means of extending the storage life of the fish. That way it will not get spoiled quickly and be enjoyed days after.

A couple of fishermen (actually one is a woman) is laying fish on a netted platform for drying. These tiny fish are soaked for a few minutes in water with salt (for seasoning), laid on the platform and then dried all day. The result is stinky (to a lot of folks) yet yummy dried fish, we locally call “bulad” or nationally as “tuyo”.

We usually eat it fried and it is a great appetizer. We could also cook it with mung beans which is also good.

The drying above is a small commercial business and is not necessarily for personal consumption only. Most of the times, consumers just buy the already dried fish rather than drying it themselves.

“Warning: don’t cook it indoors, especially if there are no open windows because the stinky smell will attach or cling to anything, like your clothes, curtains, sheets and anything where odor can be absorbed.” 🙂


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