niludhan falls – (more pics)

these are more pictures taken of niludhan falls, located in Sitio Niludhan, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, Philippines.

shooting falls like this is very challenging. the greatest challenge is how to keep your lens dry. as we were going down to the foot of the falls, we were very excited because of the grandeur of nature right in front of us. But when we positioning to take pictures, mist is blown everywhere. It is difficult to get a shot with the lens dry. Waited for a gap in the wind, but still not long enough to get a shot. Looked at different positions and locations, but to no avail. Finally had to retreat a little further from the falls to get a decent shot long enough with dry lens.

Thus, lesson learned. When photographing waterfalls, or anything of similar nature, keep in mind that lens could get wet. So either, bring an umbrella(hehe, don’t know if it would work), shoot at a distance, or use waterproof gear (unfortunately, ours wasn’t).

Here is the link to our first post on niludhan falls.


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