fire dancing kid

This is a series of pictures I took of a fire dancing kid by the beach in Panglao, Bohol during our vacation last December 2011. He and another one from a group performs this fire dance to entertain tourists and locals. They are basically street performers, and perform these dances for tips.

I spoke to one of the members and he said that he himself is self taught and learned how to do the fire dance through youtube. This kid pictured here is one of his students that he is mentoring/teaching to do this kind of dance.

I should have taken pics of him dancing coz he got some really amazing moves, but we arrived as he was to the end of his performance. Anyway, all I have is from this kid. Enjoy.

Took these set at 1/6sec, 800 ISO on a Canon Rebel XS.


2 thoughts on “fire dancing kid

    • yup, the kid has talent. after the performance, he looked very exhausted. according to the guy I spoke with, who claims to be guiding/mentoring him, he still needs to improve on his timing…how he moves in coordination with the music….but he is doing fine. If he continue to improve on it, he could go places…

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