controlled burning – “kaingin”

This set of images are from a controlled burning done in Sta. Catalina, Negros Oriental, Philippines.

Kaingin is a type of controlled burning. this is done to clear the land for planting new set of crops (sugarcane) and replace the old roots from the previous harvest.

sugarcane is planted and harvested annually and is one of the primary cash crops of the Island. In fact, our province has I believe 3 sugarcane refineries, and one of them is located in our town.


4 thoughts on “controlled burning – “kaingin”

    • No, they don’t always do it at night. I have seen some do it by daytime. This one they did at night because the farm was by the side of the road and less traffic during the night. This one lasted around 9 or 10pm. and he started burning around 6pm. They can last longer if the farm being burned is larger. This one I witnessed, I would estimate to be around 10-15 acres.

    • And they are mainly mostly leftover shoots, dead leaves and weeds. I believe that they had just harvested this farm about 2 weeks ago. I will be posting some pics of the way they harvest it.

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