apo island beach

after patiently waiting to be transported to the island, this is the view that greeted us. the trip took about 30 minutes or so from the Beach in Malatapay, Dauin to Apo Island. this is only one of the beaches that surround the island.

and this is one of the two boatmen that operate and steer the boat, during the trip.

Caution: your camera could get wet during the trip because the waves could be splashing all around you, be sure to waterproof your camera or bring a waterproof camera if you plan to take pictures during the boat ride. I risked carrying my Canon Rebel XS during the boat ride, and ended up hiding it behind me, under my shirt, desperately trying to keep it dry. Got wet a little bit, and survived, but on the way back, had to store it away in a storage inside the boat. the boat has a compartment to keep your gear dry but you have to store them before the boat departs.

click the link for more information about Apo Island.


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