kids on a boat


4 thoughts on “kids on a boat

  1. I want to know the story behind this photo. Everything about it is curious, from the look on her face to the coins on the bottom of the canoe. Maybe thats why I like it so much, there are questions and the only answers are the ones I make up.

    • i will try to answer your questions. these kids are what we call Bajao. they are sea gypsies. they are native to the southern part of the philippines, and due to conflicts in their native sulu archipelago, they have migrated to neighboring islands. they live on the beaches or on boats. they make a living by fishing and some through begging. more information can be found here.

      the one in the picture is a family of bajao begging for coins by the side of the bigger passenger vessel. with the father steering the small boat. the older sister catching the coins with a makeshift catcher in her hands and the baby brother just looking on.

      sights ilke this are common just as when a boat docks. they are notorious, and kind of pitiful. long ago, some of the older kids would try to dive for your coins if you throw them in the water by the side of the boat. in most cities, you can also see them on the streets begging for some coins from cars and other passenger vehicles.

      hope i answer your questions. let me know if you have more and i will try to give you my best answer.

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