bato lata: a local game

Bato-lata is a traditional game in the Philippines (literally translated as rock-tin can).

The game is played by a group of kids, one watching over a tin can or lata at a designated spot, and the other kid, also at a distance and a designated spot, attempts to topple over the “lata” with a rubber slipper (the act of throwing the slipper over the tin can is called “bato”).

once the “lata” is toppled, the watcher will try to place it back to its original location as fast as he can, while the other kid will try to retrieve his rubber slipper. while running to get his slipper he has to avoid being caught by the watcher. once caught, he will be the one watching over the tin can and the other kid will get to try to topple the can.

another blog the describes how this is played is linked here.


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