Roadtrip 2012: Snowy Range Scenic Byway

on our trip to wyoming to see yellowstone national park, a friend suggested we take the snowy range scenic byway. we can supposed to see snow all year round. so we did.

on our stop at the tourist information as we entered wyoming, we asked some people about the snowy range and we heard that there is not much snow if we ever see one because of the warm winter that we had. but we still went anyway.

We have visitors from the Philippines that we want to show real snow…

So, we entered entered the snowy range via Laramie…

and from there, looks like it’s a really long way…

then we entered Medicine Bow National Forest and one of the stops was at the viewing tower in Libby Flats with a peak of 10,847 ft…

then we made a few more stops by the lake and took some pictures…

This was one of the nicest part of the leg of the roadtrip…hope you enjoyed the pictures…Thanks for viewing…


6 thoughts on “Roadtrip 2012: Snowy Range Scenic Byway

    • thank you. yes, we had fun. in fact, i had you in mind when we were planning for the trip, but since we were on a tight schedule, i had to stick to the itinerary. i have more posts to share from our trip around Wyoming…You are so blessed to be in such a beautiful place, which I am sure you are enjoying from what I’ve seen from your posts… šŸ™‚

    • Well thank you. All of us were amazed at the sights to see. they were especially amazed at how the roads are well maintained, however remote they may be. They were also amazed to see the wildlife up close. Aside from being tired from all the traveling, I believe that they had a great time.

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