clover buds meeting – dec 2013

Saturday, Dec 14, 2013: this is the 2nd meeting of our girl’s clover buds team, facilitated by Andrea.

calling the meeting to order:
Copyright Harold Calderon untitled-8314

then the pledge of allegiance, and the 4H promise…
Copyright Harold Calderon untitled-8315

then activity of the day is making pizza from scratch…
Copyright Harold Calderon untitled-8318

decorating the pizza…
Copyright Harold Calderon untitled-8320

while the pizza was in the over, they created their dessert, i think it was called, the Grinch hat. green grape for the Grinch’s head, a slice of banana for the base of his hat, a strawberry for the red santa hat, and topped with a marshmallow…
Copyright Harold Calderon untitled-8321

then enjoying the fruit of their labor:
Copyright Harold Calderon untitled-8325

i believe it was a great experience for them. hopefully they learned something from the activity and apply it at home… till the next clover bud meeting…


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