Du Quoin Ice Cream Shoppe: Ye Olde Country Store

In my humble opinion, this is one of Southern Illinois’ best destination for something sweet. There are a variety of choices of ice cream. One of my kid’s favorite is the Superman ice cream. Some of our friends like the Birthday Cake ice cream. As for me, I like EVERY flavor they have.

Copyright Harold Calderon IMG_0042

This is one of the places in southern Illinois my family loves to go…
Copyright Harold Calderon IMG_0034

This place is locally and family owned, and they are keeping it open to fulfill the wish of their mother (case of Bobbi) or wife (case of Bob) before she died.
Copyright Harold Calderon IMG_0031

Prices are very reasonable…
Copyright Harold Calderon IMG_0019

And here is Bob serving a cone of Birthday Cake ice cream…
Copyright Harold Calderon IMG_0020

Here are excited kids…
Copyright Harold Calderon IMG_0040

This little one’s mouth is covered in chocolate ice cream…
Copyright Harold Calderon IMG_0038

and this one has Superman ice cream all over….
Copyright Harold Calderon IMG_0035

And here are the two faces that fulfills our sweet cravings…Bob and Bobbi…
Copyright Harold Calderon IMG_0026

BTW, weddings were held here too…in fact, one of the owner’s wedding is held here…
Copyright Harold Calderon IMG_0015

Copyright Harold Calderon IMG_0014

Here is a close up of that funny announcement….
Copyright Harold Calderon IMG_0013

So next time you are in this neck of the woods, try the ice cream….or their homemade fudge that they make themselves in the back kitchen.

’till next time….

DISCLAIMER: This is not an ad. I don’t even think this is a review. I am merely expressing from my personal experience with this establishment.


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