kids playing outdoors…brings back childhood memories…

with the advances in technology, kids nowadays are very hooked to their gadgets. even when they get together, they are gathered in one corner all staring at their own device or looking at their friend’s. I guess there is nothing wrong with that, in fact it is nice to know that they are sharing whatever they are doing to their friends.

In this particular instance however, I was so happy to see these same kids were all playing outside. running around and trying to catch one another. such a spectacle is rare to see anymore. Too bad an employee from the restaurant told them to get off the green (well, they used the putting green as their play area).

anyway, after that they just sat on the driveway and I guess swap stories.

such a wonderful site to behold.

here are some snaps from this incident.

till next time.

Copyright Harold Calderon IMG_0124

Copyright Harold Calderon IMG_0127

Copyright Harold Calderon IMG_0130

Copyright Harold Calderon IMG_0132


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