My name is harold and taking snapshots is my hobby.

I began my journey in photography a couple of years ago when I got my first DSLR and my daughter was a few months old. Initially, my sister had me buy for her a DSLR, a Canon Rebel XS and we got to use it for a month before we surrendered it to her. My experience with taking pictures with that DSLR compared to the point & shoot totally convinced me that I should get me one. After I got the blessing from my other half, we bought my official Canon Rebel XS from BH Photo, and started snapping pictures of our little one; of course, using full auto 🙂 .

Then as time went on, I got interested in learning what the other features of the camera mean and then explored the manual settings. It was tough considering no previous experience, and so I scoured the internet for resources, which is plentiful. Then over time, I completely fell in love with photography.

This blog, is my way of sharing the art, and sharing what I have seen and captured. At times, I will just post pictures with short captions, leaving the details to the viewer. At times, I will attempt to write a short story or narrative as best as I could (forgive my poor literary skills) to convey the experiences or significant information that I feel would help the viewer.

I WELCOME constructive criticism. So don’t hesitate to leave your comments and critiques. I may have to ask for further explanation, so please be specific.

Thank you. And hope you enjoy my posts.

PS: I currently challenge myself with a photo a day of my little girl. Please check out the link located at the tab {isla photo project}. Thanks.


8 thoughts on “About

    • I like the drama and emotion in your photos. Yes, I will come and visit your blog whenever I can. Thanks for your generous comments on my posts. hope to hear from you again soon…

  1. Photoblogging is getting more popular over contemporary blogging. Photography itself is a blossoming over time. And your photos are great, looks to me that you’re a pro even without formal lessons. You’re doing a great job! I’ll definitely follow you especially that I terribly miss the Philippines.

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